The All New Bong-Aid Banger Brush

The All-New Bong-Aid Banger Brush

  The banger brush features a thermoplastic brush head that is soft on the glass while having high heat resistance to stand up to the high temperatures of a warm nail. In addition, the self-cleaning head wicks oil and wax from your banger and releases it into the unit's cleaning solution. These features help you clean your banger and pearls in under 5 seconds, saving you time and money by reducing the number of q-tips needed to clean your banger to perfection.

  • Cleans banger & pearls in under 5 seconds

  • Proprietary design patent pending 2021

  • Re-Usable over 1000 Dabs

  • Self-cleaning brush head

  • Wicks oil & wax residue

  • Soft on glass & quartz

  • High heat resistance


The All-New Bong-Aid Banger Brush is available for purchase HERE 

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