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Bong Aid ISO Pump

Bong Aid ISO Pump

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ISO Pump by Bong-Aid

The ultimate banger cleaning solution, 99% pure Isopropyl Alcohol is just one-touch away. Effortlessly cleans and restores your banger, making dab cleanup a breeze for a consistently fresh experience.

Leak Free

The Bong-Aid ISO pump is a single ingredient banger cleaning solution. It contains pure 99% Isopropyl Alcohol, Made in the USA. This product contains the highest quality alcohol, free of unwanted diluents, contaminants, or particulates often found in retail grade alcohol.

99% Iso On-Demand

Bong Aid - ISO pump solution cleans and restores your banger by breaking down and releasing claim and burnt on ash (for those that prefer hash). This allows the mess from taking a dab to be picked up much easier with a Glob Mop. Leaving your banger looking brand new at all times.

Keep It Sparkling Clean

We made Bong Aid - ISO Pump because as daily dabbers ourself we understand the frustrations of keeping our banger perfectly clean. We found that a few drops/pumps of 99% Isopropyl Alcohol on a warm banger is one of the best ways to keep it sparkling clean and ready for the next dab.

Bong-Aid Iso Pump Commercial