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Grinder Cleaner

Grinder Cleaner

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Grinder Cleaner by Bong-Aid

The ultimate solution for maintaining peak performance and hygiene of your cannabis grinders. Specially crafted for 420 enthusiasts, this advanced cleaning formula is your go-to companion for a pristine grinding experience.


Nano-Infused Lava Ash permeates resin deeply, effectively targeting and lifting even the most stubborn spots. Our formula is designed to break down resin build-up, ensuring your grinder operates at optimal efficiency.

No More Smelly Hands

Through the infusion of menthol, we've successfully mitigated the resin's lingering scent, ensuring it doesn't adhere to your hands.

Multi-Surface Compatible.

Ensuring seamless performance across all surfaces.Whether you have a metal, plastic, or acrylic grinder

Bong-Aid Grinder Cleaner Commercial