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Bong Aid

Banger Brush

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Have you ever taken a big dab that destroyed your banger? Or maybe forgot to clean out your banger after a few dabs? We have! That's why we invented the best banger cleaning solution. The banger brush is the best quartz banger cleaner due to its thermoplastic brush head. It's soft on quartz and glass while having high heat resistance to stand up to the high temperatures of a warm rig. In addition, the self-cleaning head wicks oil and wax from your banger and releases it into the included cleaning solution ( To refill we recommend Bong-Aid 99% Isopropyl Alcohol - Sold Separately) keeping your banger cleaner for longer. These features help you clean your rig's banger and pearls in under 5 seconds, saving you time and money by reducing the number of cotton swabs needed to clean your banger to perfection. You won't need any other 710 cleaner formula when you have the banger brush. Now you might be wondering what/who is Bong-Aid. Bong-Aid is a manufacturer of high-end glass cleaner and quartz cleaning products in Southern California, we take pride in making quality products that last.