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Banger Brush

Banger Brush

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Banger Brush By Bong-Aid

Have you ever taken a big dab that destroyed your banger? Or maybe forgot to clean out your banger after a few dabs? We have! That's why we invented the best banger cleaning solution.

High Heat Resistance

The banger brush features a thermoplastic brush head that is soft while having high heat resistance to stand up to the high temperatures of a warm nail.

Got 5 Seconds?

The banger brush is the most efficient tool for cleaning quartz nails. The high-temp thermoplastic is soft on quartz and glass but tough on wax and claim. With deep-cut bristles, the banger brush reaches every corner of your banger scrubbing your pearls like an automated car wash, leaving your banger and pearls clean in under 5 seconds!

Self-Cleaning Brush

The self-cleaning head wicks oil and wax from your quartz or glass banger and releases it into the cleaning solution. If properly maintained the Banger Brush will last you well over 1000 dabs.

Bong-Aid Banger Brush Commercial