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Bong Aid

Cleaner Water equals Cleaner Living

Who We Are 

Bong Aid is the world’s first-ever natural water additive made in an FDA registered facility that fights mold in the water of smoking devices. Our line is a proprietary blend of natural and organic preservatives proven to kill bacteria in a bong or rig for up to 4 weeks as stated in the official analytical report by ECA, Expert Chemical Analysis, who has confirmed our product line “appears to be very safe for its intended use”. 

We created Bong-Aid to significantly reduce lung issues and unexplained “smokers sickness” as the cannabis community rapidly increases. We want to ensure we do what we can to educate the cannabis community on the dangers of mold and bacteria inhalation. A clean bong makes a happy smoker!

Bong-Aid focuses on improving the lives of people by offering reliable products that work, without the bs. Our founders value health, trust, and transparency. We will continue to showcase these core values in every step of our production process.



Mission Statement 

Our mission is to eliminate the stigma of unhealthy smoking and to create an environment that is not only healthy but educated on how improper cannabis consumption affects their overall wellbeing. By informing the marijuana community of the danger behind mold and bacterial spores, we at Bong-aid strive to change the way the world treats their lungs. 


Smoking is supposed to be medicine, not the other way around. We aim to teach people about Aspergillus fumigatus mold and show how Bong-aid can enhance their well-being, by offering honest products that work.












Step 1.

Cleans & Kills 99.99 % of Germs

Bong Aid - Bong Cleaner

Just add to your water pipe and let sit for 30 seconds, then shake and pour out once you can visibly see the resins release and the glass come back to clear.

For extra dirty bongs you will need to do this twice*

Step 2.

Kills and Prevents Mold & Bacteria

Bong Aid - Natural Water Additive

Bong Aid is a proprietary blend of natural and organic preservatives.

Mold and bacteria can start growing in as little as 22 hours in your bong or rig. Inhalation of mold spores can cause excessive coughing and headaches. To extend the life of your water for up to 4 weeks, start by using just one dropper (1mL) in a straight shooter or two to three drops (2-3mL) in a beaker bong.

We based this on the average bong holding 2oz of water. if you would like to measure your water for the perfect dose it is 1mL to every 2oz of bong water.

Step 3.

Enjoy Repeatedly Cleaner Bong Rips

Be safe and stay well

-Bong Aid


I never realized mold could start growing in my bong water in so little time. With Bong Aid, I've been getting fatter and cleaner hits. Would highly recommend!

— Amanda C.


I found this stuff at Ziggys and ever since have been getting much cleaner hits from my bong. It also keeps my water cleaner for much longer than I expected.

— James S.


The best thing about Bong Aid is that is eco friendly and all-natural, which I love! Bong hits are now much more flavorful and i can actually taste the flower now.

— Stacy A.



Hi, my name is Christian. I started Bong-Aid in 2018 after realizing there was no reliable source for good 99% isopropyl alcohol. After further research, I noticed the bong cleaners on the market either had dye, harsh abrasives, toxic chemicals, or wouldn't label what's inside. With abundant access to pharmaceutical-grade chemicals and ingredients, I knew what had to be done. Today, we are blessed to work with many great distributors and have over 1200 retail partners.