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Bong-Aid Third Party Lab Test

                     10366 Roselle St. Suite C  •  San Diego, CA 92121  •  858-535-9979 _______________Analytical Testing Report__________________ Bong Aid									     05/12/2020 2901 W Coast Highway Suite 200 Newport Beach CA 92663							    ECA# 20112  Purpose: Expert Chemical Analysis was contracted to assess the safety of using the raw material: Bong-Aid Proprietary Formula in a consumer product to be used in smoking devices.      				     		                                                        Customer Identification	ECA ID Bong-Aid	20112a  The analysis of the samples has been completed and the results are given below: _______________________________________________________________________            	  Notebook References		TG007, pp. 110-112 Date Received:			4-14-20 Analysis Requested:		1. Modified USP <51>, Antimicrobial Effectiveness 				2. Product Safety Opinion Date Tested:			04-14-20 to 05-12-20  Results are given on the following pages  Conclusions:  1. Antimicrobial Effectiveness for Category 3 Products (Oral products, other than antacids made with aqueous-based vehicles) is verified per this test as there were no increases in counts of Aspergillus brasiliensis in 14 days or 28 days.  2. Bong-Aid Proprietary Formula appears to be safe for the intended use in this product.  If you have any questions concerning these results, please call us at (858) 535-9979. We appreciate your business!      Sincerely,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  					             Q.C. Officer   Scientis1.	Modified USP <51>, Antimicrobial Effectiveness Sample preparation: The microorganism —Aspergillus brasiliensis, is used to challenge the product for twenty-eight (28) days. Microorganism survival is monitored at seven (7), fourteen (14) and twenty-eight (28) days intervals.   Results: 		Colony formation units (CFU/plate)	Log reduction Micro organism	Initial inoculum	ECA#	0 hour	7 days	14 days	28 days	7 days	14 days	28 days A. brasiliensis	1x104 CFU/mL	Control (PBS)	64	65	64	70	minimal change	minimal change	minimal change 		20112	71	<1	<1	<1	1.85	1.85	1.85   2.	Product Safety Opinion for Bong-Aid Proprietary Formula: Bong-Aid Proprietary Formula is commonly used in foods, beverages, and personal care items as an antimicrobial and preservative. Bong-Aid Proprietary Formula is GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) by the US. Food and Drug Association (FDA) for use as a food additive. It is also recognized as safe for use as a food additive by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization and the European Food Safety Authority. Bong-Aid Proprietary Formula is especially effective in inhibition of mold and yeast growth in food products and beverages. Bong-Aid Proprietary Formula has a maximum acceptable daily intake level of 1750 mg for an average sized adult. The LD50 in rats is 4350 mg/kg body weight.  Bong-Aid Proprietary Formula is not a hazardous substance and is not a carcinogen, teratogen, or mutagen. For the reasons mentioned above, Bong-Aid Proprietary Formula appears to be very safe in this product for its intended use.